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People searching for a carpet cleaning service in Stamford, have turned to DMS for over 33 years. They rely on us to get their carpets, rugs and upholstery the cleanest! No job is complete, unless you are completely satisfied and there is never any upselling for "additional services". Locally owned and operated, We have many customers throughout Stamford. From Palmer Hill to Springdale and The Ridges to Shippan, trust DMS for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Stamford?

There are many carpet cleaning companies in Stamford to choose from. Some lure you in with the promise of cheap carpet cleaning, but after you add all their so-called extras, you will find that the only thing cheap may be the chemicals they use. Others have no business being in the carpet cleaning business, as they use inadequate equipment and harsh chemicals to clean your carpets! The larger carpet cleaners in Stamford are overpriced, and you roll the dice not knowing if the person cleaning your carpets or rugs is properly trained. So when searching for "carpet cleaners near me," make sure you understand the carpet cleaning method that they are using, what the price includes, and who is actually doing the work.

Need Upholstery Cleaning in Stamford?

Upholstery Cleaning StamfordWe are the upholstery cleaning service Stamford residents call on to get their furniture cleaned properly. Using a unique tool, that constantly flows a heated solution, we are able to get your upholstery clean and dry to the touch in the shortest amount of time. This means, no over wetting and better soil removal. If you are searching for an organic upholstery cleaning service, then look no further! You spend a lot of time on your chair or sofa, so having it cleaned is a good idea. Having it cleaned with green cleaning solutions, is an even better idea! Although not all furniture can be cleaned adequately with a green only approach, we never use any harsh chemicals to begin with and we are able to rinse what little may have been used. Let us know, if you have any concerns over what may or may not be used in your home.

Stamford Reviews

With two cats my carpets needed a good scrubbing. DMS did an excellent job, even got out a spot I thought I'd bleached! Products left no chemical smell and carpets were dry overnight. Good communication prior to service and with a fair price, I'd strongly recommend! - Crystal Maruszak
So happy with how my area rug and sectional came out! The rug looks brand new. Bruce was so friendly and professional- an easy process with reasonable prices. - Jennifer Copolla Simpson
I’ve used DMS carpet cleaner numerous times... I have used him for all of my rugs and my furniture and been very happy with his professional, courteous and effective service...His prices are very good, as well! I won’t use anyone else and I highly recommend! - Fiona Kingery
Professional, kind, and informative. Would use this service again - Emily Cunningham
Excellent product, service, dependability and they...5 star all the way! - Lauren Wenitzky

Common Questions

How much does carpet cleaning cost? Mary in Stamford
Charges are based on the dimensions of your room (total square footage) and wether or not it is furnished, empty or you just need traffic areas cleaned. ($150 minimum)
How much does it cost to clean a sofa? Drew in Stamford
Charges are based on length (with a typical depth of 36 inches) and are currently $20 per linear foot. For standard hot water extraction. ($150 minimum)
For more questions check out our FAQ Page.
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