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Cleaning upholstery is not as simple as it may seem, you don't just pour a chemical into a machine and clean. Some fabrics need to be wet cleaned, some dry cleaned and some can be cleaned both ways. Some upholstered furniture like velvet needs to be "carded" using a special brass brush. There are unique cleaners for different upholstery, and using the wrong cleaner on your favorite sofa could be costly! Also, the types of tools and equipment used to clean upholstery and the way they are used can be profoundly different. The wrong tool can over wet and cause water staining. Having cleaned upholstery for close to 30 years, we have witnessed it all and proceed cautiously with the utmost care.
DMS Upholstery Cleaning Services uses the most advanced upholstery cleaning tool in the industry, which can restore your upholstered furniture to a like new condition. Our cleaning method leaves your furniture cleaner and drier than other methods because of the "jet less" technology of our cleaning tool. With controlled moisture and heat, we are qualified to clean some of the most delicate fabrics.
Upholstery Cleaning Code Labels

Most furniture will have a cleaning code located under a cushion and this will tell you what process is recommended for the upholstered piece. These codes are: S - for dry clean only ,W - for wet cleanable, S/W — May be done by either method and X — Do not use either method. When there are no tags on the furniture body, we can come to your home and have a look at the piece in question. We don't want to wet clean upholstery that is "dry clean only" (water based cleaners can damage furniture fabrics and even turn it brown or cause it to shrink and pucker.). In some cases, furniture that states "dry clean only" may be wet cleanable. Don't be fooled by companies offering $59 Sofa Cleaning Deals, you get a more thorough cleaning with DMS. We pre-treat, clean and deodorize your furniture, using the most advanced cleaning tool in the industry. This is a detailed service in which every square inch is cleaned, not just the tops of the cushions!
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