Carpet Cleaning Services

Steam/Hot Water Extraction

This carpet cleaning service begins with an inspection of your wall-to-wall carpeting. Stains and traffic patterns are identified and addressed as needed. Often, a heated pre-treatment is sprayed on affected areas to loosen and break down soil and stains. Then, the carpet is steam-rinsed with an emulsifier, a combination of powerful pressure and vacuum as well as the heated solution. This helps to achieve extraordinary cleaning results and also helps dry quickly—sometimes even within 3 hours. Deodorizer and protectants can be added to service for an additional fee. This is the
preferred method process of major manufacturers.

If your carpets are showing signs of heavy soiling, you may need to have us do a dual-method carpet cleaning service. A pre-treatment is applied, which involves a powerful solution being injected into the carpet and then agitated with a special brush or roller. The agitation causes dirt particles to break apart and be removed. Then hot water extraction ensures that the textile is thoroughly flushed out of dirt and soil, leaving it clean and sanitized.

This is an old-fashioned method of cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting that is no longer recommended for residential properties because it can harm some carpet fibers. A floor buffing machine with a special brush attached that scrubs in shampoo is used. This shampoo crystalizes and is vacuumed away with subsequent vacuuming. Mostly used in a commercial setting for interim maintenance.
Low Moisture

This rug or carpet cleaning service is an effective and efficient way to clean wall-to-wall and area rugs. Not only is this method suitable for commercial settings due to its quick drying time, but it also helps reduce water usage and environmental impact. With the right cleaning solution and the right technique, carpeting and rugs can look like new again.
Dry Compound

This rug cleaning service starts by distributing the compound throughout the fibers in the process. This is done by brushing the fibers of the carpet. As the soil and dirt dissolve, the particles are able to absorb them like tiny sponges. Once the brushing-in process is completed, the dirt and debris inside the carpeting or rug are extracted with a vacuum.
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