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Carpet Cleaning Methods
Hot Water Extraction - Steam
Carpet is pre-inspected for stains and/or traffic patterns. If needed, a heated pre-treatment will be sprayed on affected areas to loosen and break down soil/stains. The carpet is then steam rinsed, with a carpet emulsifier, which is applied and extracted simultaneously. The combination of this heated solution, pressure vacuum produces extraordinary results. These cleaning systems are tremendously powerful and can have your carpeting completely dry in as little as three hours. There is no over wetting, and this is a much more thorough cleaning. This is the most preferred method by major manufacturers. This type of cleaning can definetly help improve indoor air quality.
Restorative - Dual Process
If your carpeting is heavily soiled, it requires the dual method. If there is a distinct traffic pattern, you probably require the dual method. A pre-treatment is applied and scrubbed gently into your carpet or rug. After a few minutes, a clean rinse follows. This will thoroughly flush out dirt and soil from the carpet with them completely cleaned and deodorized. The machine used for agitation has a brush system like that of an upright vacuum cleaner, providing a more thorough and safer scrubbing.
This is "old school" used mostly for commercial or rental properties as it is inexpensive. A shampoo is dispersed from a buffing machine with a scrubbing brush attached. Some companies use this regularly for cleaning, even residential, and it is unrecommended.
Dry - Low Moisture
Used primarily for commercial carpet maintenance programs because of the quick-drying time. Area rugs can also be cleaned with this method. The carpeting is treated where needed, sprayed with a green encapsulation cleaner and then brushed with a unique machine. These cleaners crystallize for easy dry vacuuming and do not leave any sticky dirt attracting residue behind! Most "dry carpet cleaning" companies use a rotary type machine (similar to the type we use for shampooing) and this can be a problem, especially on plush piles! The carpet fibers can get distorted. Our machine is different as it lifts the fibers (like a vacuum cleaner), so there is no chance of getting "swirl" marks. We do many commercial cleaning with this method, but only for interim maintenance.
Our Dry vs Other Dry's
Although we do not recommend the dry cleaning/low moisture as a stand-alone cleaning process, we mostly offer it for interim maintenance at commercial properties. It is a great option for commercial carpet cleaning, on a maintenance plan, because it is cost-effective and carpeting can be used in a shorter time. Pictured below are three examples of dry carpet cleaning processes. The first picture is of a dry/low moisture cleaning typically used by a major franchise. They use water, just not as much. The problem is, the machine is very heavy and has these rotating heads on the bottom which can easily snag the carpet fibers and leave some nasty swirl marks. The extraction is not that adequate and can leave certain areas with more residue than others. After all, they are using a minimal water, so a good amount of residual is left. The second picture is what some dry carpet cleaning services use. In this particular picture, the operator is cleaning a glued down commercial carpet. This is usually fine as it will not distort the carpet fibers. The last picture is of a counter-rotating brush unit. This is what we utilize for both commercial and residential carpet cleaning. It gently lifts the carpet fibers, like a vacuum beater brush would, making it a safe option. As with the previous two, residual is still left the carpet. It really depends on what type of solution is being used and how it crystallizes when dry. Some are sticky, while others crystalize perfectly and can be vacuumed away easily.
Carpet Cleaning Rx
Carpet Cleaning shampoo
Carpet Cleaning crb
Below is a video of a popular dry carpet cleaning process. They use a truck mount, so it is kinda dry? They claim to use far less water (only 10%) and rely on this heavy weighted machine to swirl around and agitate and vacuum carpet. Now, like most equipment in this industry, for trashed rental carpeting, this machine may serve a purpose. However, on a loop(berber type) carpet or even a cut pile, it can snag a fiber easily damaging/distorting them.
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