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Carpeting is probably one of the most expensive investments you will make as a homeowner and maintaining it is crucial. It can also be a breeding ground for tiny little creatures and retains quite a bit of contamination that does not come out with ordinary vacuuming. So it is inevitable that you will one day have to have them cleaned. Choosing a carpet cleaning company or cleaning it yourself is not as simple as it seems. Many companies offering low prices for carpet and upholstery cleaning, do so with the intent to sell you more. Their basic cleaning may consist of just using your hot tap water! Some use the warm water from your sink and portable equipment (no more powerful than the kind you rent). Additionally, they will offer you some "extras" like pre-conditioning of soiled areas, deodorizing and so on. Some have "Travel Charges" or "Service Charges." Most have usually higher minimums than the special advertised! If they say "3 Rooms $99", their minimum may be $132. Well, that fourth room/area may be double and then with the other "fees/charges" your cheap carpet cleaning, is not so cheap anymore. What about the person/s actually undertaking the work? Is it an owner or someone looking for a commission on what "extras" they sell you? Make sure to read the fine print on advertised specials, find out what type of cleaning system is being used and who is completing the actual cleaning!
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The fine print in this ad charges for sanitizer and deodorizer. This is where that $59 job goes to $120 or more.
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Carpets Damaged by Buffing Type Machines
There are major carpet cleaning franchises using floor buffers, with pads, that can easily damage your plush pile carpeting. They can distort and possibly fray the fibers. Floor buffing machines should only be used on commercial glued down carpet, as the pile is flat and chances of distortion are minimal. These are just a few examples. So, while it may be dry in an hour, what good does that do you? We also offer a dry/low moisture cleaning and unlike the floor buffing machine type, ours is much safer. It lifts the carpet fibers, like a vacuum cleaner with a beater brush, rather than swirling them around. The second image is one of swirl marks left by a machine that another major franchise uses.
Also, if this applies, ask the company you may hire this how they treat pet urine? How will they rinse and flush it out?

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