Area Rug Cleaning

There can be quite a bit of contamination sticking to your rug fibers and the base. Vacuuming alone will not expel them, so hiring a rug cleaning service is eventually inevitable. When hiring a service, you may wonder what cleaners they are using to clean your rugs—or at least you should.
Optical brighteners, dyes, synthetic fragrances, petrochemical solvents, and carcinogens are common in many rug cleaning chemicals and take a while to biodegrade. They can accumulate over time, react with new chemistry, and sometimes biodegrade into more hazardous compounds. This contributes to a toxic household environment (where children, pets, and home occupants crawl, lie, and breathe the leftover residues).
There are companies that purchase a substantial amount of raw, crude chemicals at discount prices and use them to clean your rugs. Some of these cleaners have high ph levels and can instantly break down the organic oils in your area rug!
In-Home Area Rug Cleaning
Rug cleaning services in-home is not only convenient but far less expensive than having them brought out and cleaned off-site. We found that many of our customers didn't want to spend the money or wait for their rugs to be picked up and delivered back (especially if they were not that expensive). If we can clean your rug at your house, you are able to use it that same day and do not have to wait (sometimes over a week) for it to be brought back to you. Since in-home rug cleaning is affordable, there is no need to wait until your area rug is heavily soiled to have it cleaned. Dirt and contaminants will break down the fibers over time and cause irreparable damage. The rug cleaning solutions we use are pH-balanced and will not compromise the natural fibers of a variety of area rugs. The mild plant-based cleaners and enzymes will also help with odor removal and staining issues. Not all area rugs can be cleaned in the home, and in such cases, we will gladly refer you to a reputable rug cleaning service in the Fairfield County Area.

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