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DMS can meet all of your commercial carpet cleaning needs by providing high-quality service at a reasonable price. There are several distinct commercial carpet cleaning processes, and the best one for your situation will be determined. We will gladly visit your office and provide you with a free, no-obligation demonstration and/or estimate. We can provide you with a low-cost maintenance plan that will keep your carpeting looking great at all times.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Norwalk, CT.Steam - Carpet Cleaning Commercial
Steam cleaning is the most popular and extensively utilized method for cleaning office/commercial carpets. We employ truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment rather than underpowered portables (as many carpet cleaning businesses do in industrial cleaning areas), and while our equipment is extremely powerful, it may not produce adequate results on its own. Commercial carpeting takes a battering and is rarely vacuumed or maintained properly, so it may not be the best option. We need to inspect the office/commercial space in order to assess its condition.
Low Moisture - Carpet Maintenance
This cleaning approach is ideal for use as part of an office/commercial cleaning maintenance schedule. It allows you to use the room practically immediately, and the carpeting looks fantastic. Our cleaners are not like the shampoos frequently used by professional cleaning workers. They work very differently in that they encapsulate dirt/soil and dry brittle for simple vacuuming the next day. The most typical commercial cleaning products are sticky and actually attract more dirt/soil. This is not a strategy that should be used as the method for carpet maintenance. Although this is something that certain cleaning/janitorial companies do frequently, it can contribute to premature wear and tear.
Dual Method - Carpet Restoration
This is the cleaning you'll need if your workplace carpets haven't been cleaned in a while (and/or have been maintained by businesses using subpar equipment and cleaning products). With our low moisture cleaning device, a hot pre-treatment is applied and massaged into the carpeting. After that, we rinse with hot steam. This will totally flush out any toxins from the carpet, leaving it clean and sanitized. This approach can be prevented by implementing a thorough business cleaning maintenance program.
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