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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you use organic cleaners exclusively?
A: No. We try are best to use them, at all cost, but there are times when we need to reach into our bag of tricks for something not so green. However, we still are able to rinse out any product we apply, leaving no harsh fumes or residues. If green is all you want, we will gladly accommodate.
Q: What should I do to prepare my home for carpet cleaning?
A: Any furniture you want moved that has breakables on them, such as pictures or crystal, should be cleared. We can move some furniture and this type of service obviously cost more -see pricing- Also, any small items sitting on the carpets to be cleaned, such as boxes, newspapers, toys and shoes, should be picked up. If there is a lot of debris on the carpet it is recommended that you vacuum first (unless you are choosing a premium services). In bedrooms, bed skirts should be lifted as well as any curtains that come into contact with carpeting.
Q: Is your method of cleaning the best?
A: Hot Water/Steam Extraction is recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Some manufacturers will void the warranty if hot water/steam extraction is not used for maintenance. We also offer Low Moisture/Dry which we use mostly for commercial jobs. Carpets can be dry in an hour! This machine is also used as part of our "dual" cleaning method for pre scrubbing on real dirty traffic areas in both residential and commercial settings..
Q: I was told that once you clean your carpets they will get dirty faster and be ruined. Is this true?
A: It depends on the method as well as the operator doing the work. Years ago many people had their carpeting "shampooed", basically a detergent was scrubbed into carpet leaving dirt attracting residue. Unfortunately there are still a lot of companies cleaning this way. We use an "emulsifier", this is something that helps to facilitate the removal of oily soils by creating a "bond" between the soils and water. The emulsifier also acts as a fiber rinse ,so it will help rid your carpet of some of the previous cleaning solutions left behind! The products we use for Low Moisture/Dry Cleaning encapsulate dirt/soil and crystallize to allow for easy vacuuming the following day.
Q: How long do the carpets stay wet?
A: Steam/ Hot Water Extraction: Average drying times range from 3 - 12 hours. A carpet can take up to 24 hours to completely dry if it is in poor condition and cleaned on a very humid day with no air conditioning. Low Moisture/Dry Carpet Cleaning average drying time is 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Q: What is a "Truck mount" ?
A: A carpet cleaning plant on wheels. This powerful piece of machinery provides high heat, pressure and vacuum. Two hoses are brought into the home - one vacuum and one solution line -and there is never a need to use your hot water or electric.
Q: What types of chemicals do you use?
A: We offer Organic/Green cleaning products, that are non-toxic and odorless These cleaners -some of which are plant based- work just as effectively as some of the toxic stuff out there. If a "not so green" cleaning solution/spotter is need to treat a specific stain or problem area, it can be rinsed out thoroughly after treatment. We now also offer Dry Cleaning which is solvent based and not a part of our green cleaning methods.
Q: Mold/Mildew concerns with steam cleaning are they valid?
A: Hot water extraction/steam cleaning ,when done properly, with the proper equipment, does not promote mold or mildew in fact ,there are carpet cleaners offering their version of, dry cleaning and use truck mounted systems like us. The back of your carpet rarely gets wet at all - it may get slightly damp in an area were a pet stain is being treated but ,this is what you want in order to effectively treat this area-. If you want the "dry in one hour" kind of cleaning, we can offer you that too!
Q: How long does it take for a sofa to dry after cleaning?
A: 3 - 8 hours
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